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Food thermos Vienna 620 ml Stainless Steel

620 ml
An Ultimate 620 ml travel mug, with screw on flipping one-finger opening lid. Absolute Leak and Spill proof in perfect shape and nice tactile feeling.
24 hours
36 hours
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
620 ml
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Dishwasher safe
458 gr
620 ml
7,3 cm
10 cm
16 cm
Stainless steel 340
Smart and handy design with durable outer coating. Easy to wash and convenient for everyday routine
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Trendy design to enhance your daily routine. Usage has never been easier. Travel Tumbler will follow you wherever you go
Trendy aciess design
Long lasting temperature retention keep your drink warm or cold - exactly as you desire
Perfect Insulation
The 620ml Vienna food thermos from Aciess, made of premium stainless steel, is ideal for storing hot meals or cold snacks. This thermos is designed for those who want to enjoy fresh and tasty food outside the home, whether at the office, studying or travelling.

Key features of the Vienna food thermos:

- Optimal volume of 620ml: Perfect for a single serving of soup, porridge or salad, ensuring your appetite is satisfied at all times.

- Long-lasting temperature retention: Specialised vacuum insulation helps keep food hot for up to 24 hours and cold for up to 36 hours, allowing you to enjoy the perfect taste of your food.

- Durable and Safe Construction: Made of high quality stainless steel, the thermos is not only corrosion resistant, but also completely leak-proof, which prevents leaks and keeps your food in proper condition.

- Easy to use and care: The thermos features a handy lid that is easy to open and close, and is also suitable for quick and efficient cleaning in the dishwasher.

- Stylish and modern design: The elegant appearance and matt finish make the Vienna thermos a fashionable accessory that you'll be proud to use in any setting.

- Eco-friendly choice: Using a reusable food thermos helps to reduce the consumption of disposable packaging, which is good for the environment.

Vienna" thermos will be an indispensable solution for active people who strive for proper nutrition. It ensures not only the preservation of the useful properties of food, but also its exceptional flavour, which makes every meal a real pleasure. This thermos guarantees that your lunch will be as fresh and tasty as when it was prepared.

Thanks to its compact size and ergonomic shape, the Vienna thermos fits easily into a bag or rucksack, making it the perfect companion for long walks, hikes or long days at work. The wide neck makes it easy not only to fill the thermos, but also to eat directly from it, which is especially convenient in the absence of additional utensils.

Additional benefits of the Vienna thermos include:

- Multifunctional: The thermos is not only suitable for hot soups and porridge, but also for storing cold snacks or even ice cream, making it a versatile solution for any season.

- Easy to clean: The inside of the thermos is treated to prevent food from sticking, making it much easier to clean after use.

- Safe for health: The materials from which the thermos is made do not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA, which makes its use absolutely safe for health.

- Quality guarantee from Aciess: The "Vienna" thermos is accompanied by a guarantee from Aciess, which testifies to the high quality of the product and gives buyers additional confidence in the durability and reliability of the product.

Thus, the thermos "Vienna" is an excellent choice for those who strive for healthy eating and active lifestyle. Not only does it keep your food warm and fresh, but it also contributes to the style and comfort of your daily adventures. No matter where your day takes you, this thermos ensures that your meals will be exactly as you planned.