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420 ml

Flipping lid travel mug Tokio 420ml Black Matte

An Ultimate 420 ml travel mug, with screw on flipping one-finger opening lid. Absolute Leak and Spill proof in perfect shape and nice tactile feeling.
6 hours
12 hours
Black Matte
Black Matte
420 мл
Package parameters
Top diameter
Bottom diameter
Dishwasher safe
230 gr
420 ml
5,5 сm
6,5 сm
23 cm
Stainless steel 340
Smart and handy design with durable outer coating. Easy to wash and convenient for everyday routine
aciess Functionality
Trendy design to enhance your daily routine. Usage has never been easier. Travel Tumbler will follow you wherever you go
Trendy aciess design
Long lasting temperature retention keep your drink warm or cold - exactly as you desire
Perfect Insulation
The Tokio 420ml (320ml) travel mug in matte black with hinged lid from Aciess is the epitome of modernity and convenience. This compact and stylish mug is designed for those who appreciate practicality and want to keep their drinks in perfect condition in any situation.

Features of the Tokio mug in matte black colour:

- Convenient volume: Suitable for your morning coffee or tea, the moderate volume helps keep your drink hot or cold until you drink it.

- Hinged Lid: The innovative lid easily hinges back with a swipe of a finger, allowing easy access to your drink without the risk of spillage.

- Long-lasting temperature retention: Double-walled stainless steel insulation technology keeps hot drinks warm for up to 6 hours and cold drinks cool for up to 12 hours.

- Durable and resilient: High-quality materials ensure the mug is durable and resistant to everyday challenges, including bumps and drops.

- Matte Black Finish: The elegant and understated black colour accentuates the modern design goes well with any style of clothing or accessories.

- Easy to care: The mug is easy to clean and suitable for washing in the dishwasher, making it easy and efficient to maintain.

- Quality Guarantee from Aciess: Aciess provides a guarantee on this product, confirming its high standards and reliability in use.

- Eco-friendly choice: Using a reusable mug helps to reduce waste and protect the environment.

The Tokio mug in black matte finish is ideal for active people who spend a lot of time on the road or prefer an active lifestyle. Thanks to its design and functionality, it provides not only ease of use but also a stylish appearance. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a reliable and beautiful accessory for everyday life.

This mug is also great as a gift for friends, colleagues or loved ones who appreciate quality, style and functionality in every detail of their lives. The matte black finish gives it a versatile yet luxurious look that will be appropriate in any context.

To conclude, the reusability of such a mug is not only convenient but also beneficial. By investing in a quality product like Tokio, you not only save money on buying disposable cups, but you also contribute to the environment. It makes every morning not just enjoyable, but meaningful.