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Flipping lid travel mug Tokio 420ml Grass Green Matte

An Ultimate 420 ml travel mug, with screw on flipping one-finger opening lid. Absolute Leak and Spill proof in perfect shape and nice tactile feeling.
6 hours
12 hours
Grass Green Matte
420 ml
420 мл
Package parameters
Top diameter
Bottom diameter
Dishwasher safe
230 gr
420 ml
5,5 сm
6,5 сm
23 cm
Stainless steel 340
Smart and handy design with durable outer coating. Easy to wash and convenient for everyday routine
aciess Functionality
Trendy design to enhance your daily routine. Usage has never been easier. Travel Tumbler will follow you wherever you go
Trendy aciess design
Long lasting temperature retention keep your drink warm or cold - exactly as you desire
Perfect Insulation
The 420ml Tokio travel mug in a matte grass green shade with a hinged lid from the Aciess brand is a great choice for lovers of active lifestyles and nature. This accessory combines innovative design, high functionality and environmental friendliness.

Key features and benefits of the Tokio mug in Grass Green colour:

- Perfect 420ml volume: The size of the mug is ideal for coffee, tea or other drinks you prefer to drink on the road or in nature.

- Modern hinged lid: The easy-open lid ensures comfortable drinking and protects your drink from spillage when tilting or shaking.

- Efficient temperature retention: The special double-wall design keeps hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours.

- Sturdy and durable construction: High quality materials ensure that the mug is resistant to damage and lasts a long time.

- Matte Grass Green Surface: The gentle and tranquil green colour of the mug fits in perfectly with any aesthetic and adds style to your everyday outfit.

- Easy to care: The mug is easy to clean by hand and in the dishwasher, making it even more convenient to use.

- Aciess Manufacturer's Guarantee: Proof of the quality and reliability of the product you are buying.

- Supporting Sustainability: Using a reusable mug reduces waste, which helps the environment.

The green Tokio mug will be your trusted companion on any journey, whether it's a long-awaited weekend away or a work trip. Its colour reminds you of forests and fields, giving you a sense of connection with nature even when you are in the hustle and bustle of the city. It will perfectly complement your style and become an essential accessory in your traveller's collection.

Additionally, the mug helps to maintain balance and harmony in the fast pace of modern life, ensuring not only that your drinks are kept in perfect condition, but also that your mood is kept high. A drink that retains its temperature and flavour can instantly improve your day and add energy.

Using such a mug is a step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle as each use reduces the need for disposable containers, thereby reducing your ecological footprint. This is an important contribution to the protection of nature that is available to everyone.

By choosing the Tokio travel mug in grass green colour, you are not only getting a convenient and functional accessory, but you are also making a choice for style, health and responsibility towards nature. Enjoy every minute spent with your new mug and let it make your life brighter and more fulfilling.