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Flipping lid travel mug Tokio 420ml Pink Matte

420 ml
An Ultimate 420 ml travel mug, with screw on flipping one-finger opening lid. Absolute Leak and Spill proof in perfect shape and nice tactile feeling.
6 hours
12 hours
Pink Matte
Pink Matte
420 мл
Package parameters
Top diameter
Bottom diameter
Dishwasher safe
230 gr
420 ml
5,5 сm
6,5 сm
23 cm
Stainless steel 340
Smart and handy design with durable outer coating. Easy to wash and convenient for everyday routine
aciess Functionality
Trendy design to enhance your daily routine. Usage has never been easier. Travel Tumbler will follow you wherever you go
Trendy aciess design
Long lasting temperature retention keep your drink warm or cold - exactly as you desire
Perfect Insulation
The 420 ml (320ml) Tokio travel mug in pink matt colour with hinged lid from Aciess perfectly combines functionality, style and convenience. It is designed for those who lead an active lifestyle and prefer expressive accessories.

Main characteristics and features of the mug:

- Optimal volume: The volume allows you to enjoy your favourite beverage without worrying about it running out quickly or needing frequent refills.

- Stylish hinged lid: The lid opens and closes easily, making it convenient to use the mug even when travelling. It provides an airtight seal and keeps your drink from spilling.

- Long-term temperature retention: Insulation technology with stainless steel vacuum walls can keep your drinks warm for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12 hours.

- Durable and Reliable: The pink Tokio mug is made of high quality stainless steel for durability and resistance to scratches and bumps.

- Matte pink finish: The delicate and stylish pink colour gives the mug a special touch of sophistication, making it not only a practical but also an attractive object.

- Easy to clean: The mug can be quickly and easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher, making it ideal for everyday use.

- Aciess Guarantee: Proof of the high quality and reliability of your purchase.

- Eco-friendly choice: Reusable helps to reduce waste, which has a positive impact on the environment.

The pink Tokio mug will be a great addition to your active lifestyle. It will emphasise your individual style and become your reliable companion when travelling, working or studying. Enjoy every sip of your drink knowing that it will stay at the perfect temperature for hours. This mug is not just a handy accessory, it is an expression of your taste and care for nature.

In addition, its use helps to reduce the consumption of disposable mugs and cups, which is important for the ecological balance. With each use of the Tokio mug you contribute to the preservation of nature and reduction of waste, which makes it not only convenient but also socially important.

So, choosing a pink Tokio mug with a hinged lid is a choice in favour of style, comfort and eco-friendliness. This accessory will brighten up your day and help you keep up the pace of your active life, making every moment special.