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Green Travel Mug

The color of nature – why green

Good afternoon, a visitor who came to our site. You've landed on a page with green travel mugs. You like adventures, don't you? We also. And especially we love to create products that will make your adventures brighter, more interesting, more enjoyable.

So, what prompted us to choose green? This is not just a banal choice of another rainbow color to make the range wider. No. We consciously want to give you a feeling of unity with nature.

Just looking at our thermoses already creates an indescribable feeling of calm, freshness, and the smell of young leaves. And what does it feel like to drink from them? All the magic of this color will turn on here, psychology will work – you will feel harmony and improvement of well-being.

We care about you, therefore, to give you such an effect, we use the most suitable materials. The base is stainless steel. And this is good, because it will keep the heating level (in combination with vacuum), and will not leave an unnecessary taste. Thus, you can enjoy drinking tea, coffee, or just water.

Choose your thermocup, shop now and enjoy a fascinating journey.