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Travel Mug 420 ml

420 is our little joy

Good day, wanderer, who came for a travel mug. For the convenience of our customers, we produce several versions of thermoses. This way, everyone will be able to choose for themselves what is best suited to their needs. On this page there is a rather large assortment of 420 ml mugs.

Why we chose such a volume is a simple question. Such not a very large size, in our humble opinion, is well suited for those who live dynamically, brightly, quickly. Those who have a lot of different things in their bag and there is nothing superfluous. Then a compact mug will be just right.

A thermos of this size is convenient to take on short trips when you don't plan to drink too much. Then the vacuum will be able to prove itself and demonstrate its ability to maintain the heat level of the drink that you wish – whether it's a hot cappuccino or cool water with lemon. Stainless steel won't spoil the taste, so they'll be fine during the day.

It's also great that we have a variety of color options – you can easily choose what you like the most. Well, let's not detain you – shop what you want and live your best life.