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Pink Travel Mug

The mood color is pink

We welcome everyone who wished to see and take a closer look at our travel mugs. What brought you to a page with such a soft, delicate and sensual color? We suggest talking about why we chose it for our products. We find this interesting.

Pink is about affection, support, and care. Just looking at it arouses pleasant feelings in the soul. And how wonderful it is to open the lid of such a thermocup and take a sip of your favorite drink. At the same time, it does not matter where you are. Remote forest places, the riverbank, a quiet park or a fitness center. The very essence of a thermos or a bottle of water is that it can be used anywhere.

A soft shade will complement an already good day with calm pleasant sensations. Bright and saturated – it will add energy while jogging or doing fitness at the center. And what else we like is the internal composition. Thanks to stainless steel, the taste will remain as planned. And the vacuum will ensure the safety of the temperature level that is comfortable for you.

We wish you to choose the thermos that is closest to your feelings. And let him add more cheerfulness, tenderness and love to your life. Shop it and enjoy.